Wednesday, 9 June 2021


 In the news they released some footage of some sightings of UFOs some navy pilitas whiteness some alien footage well that is what they say but know one really knows because it is two fast to see where it goes cause of how fast it is it has to at least go as fast as wind or slower but know one know again there was some footage of a UFO in america right next to this tall building it was hiding i think because they don’t wanna get found out by the humans that is what i think.  



Friday, 4 June 2021

main thing i liked at fiafia

 My best group in fiafia in my opinion is the cook island group and why is cause it is my culture, and my favourite part about fiafia is when two girls in the cook island group sang for our dance the thing i learned at fiafia is the way all the groups dress differently cause some of them looked really cool in their dress and their boy suits the next group i would join is cook island because it is really fun.

Thursday, 3 June 2021


 The main thing i am looking forward, for is when some of the groups stand up and do what they were training for at fiafia cause i think we have been practising for one term in our fiafia group it is so fun and we start at 5:30 fiafia is cool at night and it is also cold super cold so we are allowed to bring a blanket to cover your legs and a jacket you can also share the blanket with your friends and family so they dont get cold that is what i'm looking forward too.