Friday, 17 November 2017


Last Friday Pt England school had athletics day for all of the school. We had so much sport to do but the holy school meeted at the concret  out . side of the sarf room we war waiting to get ready to go to a sport.

Our first game was the Obstacle Course. I started with jumping of a mat  and going  under a table and we had to tag a different person like Bronson or Najare and my team oen the game and then we bun some raseed the 25 meed a. I kame 5th  Bronston kame first plas  and it was so fun to race room 15.
Some of them war fast a then me like Najare Bronston they a so fast like new sanbot. And the next 1 i did was throw a ball as far as i could i went first and i came 3th thoring the far es in room 15 it went Bronton Narja and then it went me then it was Teejay. And i fawt so excited because my team Nearly 1 all of them games but it was so excited for me and my team.

Athletics  was so  fun because you got to switch to different sport like throwing and he parachute and ar the sport there so much sport.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Little Garden

Yesterday we planted some little garden with Gigi but first we had to did is put the soil in the tray and we had to add 50ml in the tray with my soil. We waited for the soil to grow and then we smosh down the soil. Then we added the soil in the little cup and then we put some seeds in the little cup with the soil. Then we added soil over it. We had to wait for it

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Cross Country

Before we had our cross country race we lined up and went to the green grass. It was a hot and sunny day and i was so scared of the race. When it was time for year 3 tren to race across the muddy grass I was chasing my friend and my heart was beating fast.I was covered in mud and i was exhausted but I finished the race. I proudly crossed the finish because mynana was watching. I love cross country