Monday, 2 July 2018

My Mihi paragraph

My heart was beating loudly while the teachers were picking the people to share their mihi. Miss King picked me. Shaking, I stood up. With everyone looking at me, I spoke proudly.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Friday, 22 June 2018

whale and the lizard

On one cold night there was are mar ester lizard and are whale one day the lizard went on to the whale and they went across the  river and that led them to there family into are mare stare Thurber came and attack the whale and the lizard and then the lidded went to go and get the whale that got kidnapped so he follow them and they look like shake clan and they got one shake out but there are only five more shake and they had tasers shape sharp teeth and then they got to the base and then we went to snake in to her ace and we look for the whale that got stolen  all of the are the whales because there are the whale family and the lizard friends and they saw the whales and they had are cut and then they took out all of the shake are esp for the leader and he look wired as because he had heaps of scars on him and then the lizard went to free the whale and then all of the whale parched him narrowness and they ran are way from the shakes and they escape from the shakes and they made it back home so they can sell are brat  that they are alive so they can go and eat some thing because they ware hungry and there's and they wore tied so they had something to eat for them and then they went to sleep then they woke up then the lizard def and all of the whale Kari because the lizard dead then they had are fun ere at there house and the whale swam him to the land and they got to the beach and spread him for the whale and then the whale

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

seven site

Once upon a time are long time are go there lived seven sisters and they mayde some kites. but there was one sister. was to young to make are kit. and then one day she was old are nafe to make some kites. and one day they went on top of the mountain. and then they rely that there was no wind and then they tied their kit to the three. and then they fell are sleepy. then the young sister woke up and then she kridy. then the are the sitter woke up and then the young siter look up and she saw the kites shine up in the sky. and it shide brite are then the bright star in the world and they reply that it was matariki day.

Matariki seven sites