Friday, 16 November 2018

athletics day

What was your favourite event at Athletics Day and why?  
high jump because you get to watch them come first
If you could change one event from Athletics Day - which one would you change and why?
Volleyball because we did not do volleyball cause mr moran next time we well play
What was the funniest thing that someone said or did at Athletics Day?
Tug of war because we fell against the floor.
What was the hardest thing about Athletics Day?
High Jump because i couldn’t come first.
Which challenge did you overcome this year at Athletics Day?
Sprinting because I came fourth this time.
What are your goals for Athletics Day 2019?
Tug of war because we got out straight and next time I will pull harder

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

skipping rope

In the morning we Lind up out side and played re lays with skipping rope. We played a game that we just have to jump over the skipping rope and it was exciting and cool at the same time we ran and jumped at the same time and it is cool.  Next we had to watch Te Aureus jump over the big  skipping rope . Finally it was the finely round and then we had to pick one girl and one boy the green team came first the blue team 2nd red came 3rd and yellow came forth.we went in side and i think we were well behaved that is when we had to do a recount.what  we just done right now the end 

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Our hut

Thanks so much Mr J for helping us with our huts, we love you heaps. 

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

cross country.

as mr Burt clapped his hand  so we boost to the cone and  went parts the golly post.
And i zoom parts tokes and Julius then i got worn out of breath and i need.
some air and some water and i was joyful that i nearly mated it  to the finish line and then i jog.
to the finish line then i mated it  parts the finish line and had are drink of water .
And waked the rest of the cross country.
and i felt excited  that i made it top 12 in cross country for year 4.

Elimination Tag

WE went outside in a early morning  we played dodgeball it was like tag in the speed of lite .
Bronson sprinted as fast as a cheetah and i saw someone hiding underneath a piece of wood.
He was trying to win the game of  elimn tag and it was fun and then i dogged a fast ball.
And it hit someone else and then miss king seed 2 minutes to go some people.
Ant nonest to people and a ball got fruited towards my head and then marisu.

Won the game.