Friday, 17 November 2017


Last Friday Pt England school had athletics day for all of the school. We had so much sport to do but the holy school meeted at the concret  out . side of the sarf room we war waiting to get ready to go to a sport.

Our first game was the Obstacle Course. I started with jumping of a mat  and going  under a table and we had to tag a different person like Bronson or Najare and my team oen the game and then we bun some raseed the 25 meed a. I kame 5th  Bronston kame first plas  and it was so fun to race room 15.
Some of them war fast a then me like Najare Bronston they a so fast like new sanbot. And the next 1 i did was throw a ball as far as i could i went first and i came 3th thoring the far es in room 15 it went Bronton Narja and then it went me then it was Teejay. And i fawt so excited because my team Nearly 1 all of them games but it was so excited for me and my team.

Athletics  was so  fun because you got to switch to different sport like throwing and he parachute and ar the sport there so much sport.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Little Garden

Yesterday we planted some little garden with Gigi but first we had to did is put the soil in the tray and we had to add 50ml in the tray with my soil. We waited for the soil to grow and then we smosh down the soil. Then we added the soil in the little cup and then we put some seeds in the little cup with the soil. Then we added soil over it. We had to wait for it

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Cross Country

Before we had our cross country race we lined up and went to the green grass. It was a hot and sunny day and i was so scared of the race. When it was time for year 3 tren to race across the muddy grass I was chasing my friend and my heart was beating fast.I was covered in mud and i was exhausted but I finished the race. I proudly crossed the finish because mynana was watching. I love cross country

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The Moon

The Moon was probably made 4.5 billion years ago when a large object hit the Earth and blasted out rocks that came together to orbit round the Earth. The Moon is much smaller than the Earth. It is airless, waterless and lifeless. The gravity of the Moon, causes two high tides on the Earth every day.

The first person to walk on the Moon was the American astronaut, Neil Armstrong. He stepped out of his space craft, the Eagle, on 21 July 1969 and said these famous words, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.

Thursday, 27 July 2017


My rocket is powerful and strong because it is made of metal, so it can not break into pieces. The engines are made out of metal.IMG_2825.JPG

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The Sun

The sun is the largest star in our solar system. The earth is the right distance from the sun so our planet is not too hot or too cold. The light from the sun takes 8 minutes to reach earth and gives life to plants.  Astronauts will never be able to land on the sun as it much too hot.

Thursday, 6 July 2017


One large muscular green man had six friends that has colourful costumes. All of the costumes had red and green and some had purple costumes. Captain America had a round stripy shield for himself.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Bike ramp

We were walking nicely to the bike track with my class and we made a ramp for the bikes and when we finish building it we played with it then Caleb jumped over the ramp then it was time for morning tea so all of as eat it then it was home time

Monday, 26 June 2017


Pt England School celebrated Matariki by having a special day. The whole school celebrated with an assembly in the morning and then fun activities for the rest of the day. All the kids were split into groups for the activities. We got to work with a different teacher and other kids all day long. Some of the activities were crafts, sports, music and movies. The activity I got to do was craft and we were working with ms buchanan i made stars out of paper. We had the most fuh celebratin

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Pirate Lego Writing

One day some pirates were guarding their treasure. on an island soldier came in his  blue boat he was . Angry because the pirates  had stolen his treasure. He wanted it back as he rowed toward the island he saw a green crocodile. How was he going to get past the crocodile to get the treasure?! The pirates were ready to battle. One of the pirates was holding a telescope and a sword.

Friday, 19 May 2017


One rainy Friday afternoon 12 small boys had the best time of their life. After many days of rain, giant puddles sat out on the field. Giant puddles that were perfect for swimming.

I quickly raced to put on my togs. We ran out on to the field and splashed headfirst into the water. We jumped, ran and did lots of tricks.
Just as I got cold it was time to get out. We ran back to class and got changed. Thank you Miss King for the most fun ever.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Forces on a Kite

Gravity is the force that pulls everything down to the earth. Without gravity we would all float off into space.

Drag is the force that slows object down. Drag increases as an object goes faster,

Thrust is the force that moves an object. When we fly a kite, wind provides the thrust.

Lift is the force that pushes the kite up. Lift is created by air flowing around the kite.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

beach trip

Room 13 ms king anb cooper the dog wneht to the beach on a stonmu bay . we walked through the reserve while the  we found the clay on a secret cliff. We made giant balls and i threw them at caled. Then we played with crabs. We found the crabs in the mud and underneath big logs.  They were not small at all. We rolled down the grass anb we got klean a little bit. Then we went back to school.

Friday, 24 March 2017


Through the water i was swimming to the island. Kicking in the water I almost drowned. Swimming was very fun.

Friday, 10 March 2017

te taioa o tamakee

kaitiakakitanga i nga wa katoa working together to look after oer worlcl

Thursday, 9 March 2017


I can see the tents. on the year 5 and 6 team are  camping. I hope there is not to much rain

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

school picnic

On friday we i went the beach for our school frind on the sand and swam in the  water  we had a lovely day at the picnic

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Bike Track

Last week i went to the bike track oppehing with my class. The sun wos very hot so we wore our hats.

Friday, 24 February 2017

The Creek

On  Wednesday we lined up at the gate to go and pick up some rubbish on the fields. First we walked to the stinky Omaru Creek it smelt like Mr Moran's yucky armpits. Next we went to  the farm and picked up the terrible rubbish and we saw a horse. We ran to see the horse then finally we went back to school.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Friday, 10 February 2017

Omaru Creek

This morning I went for a walk with my class to see the Omaru Creek.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Bird

Dear Bird,

How did you die? We bless you with all of our heart.

We were walking in the morning on our way to the park when we found you. So Jermaine asked Mr Shaw for a shovel to take care of you. We wanted to take care of you because you are God’s creature.

Lee took the shovel and scooped you up gently. We carried you to the farm and we stopped under a tree.
Anthony started digging the hole, then everybody had a turn. Finally we put you in the hole and Lee said a prayer for you.

We all walked nicely back to our class.

We love you and we hope that you rest in peace and live with God.

From The Beautiful Boys and their Queen.