Monday, 9 March 2020

Jermaine camp tumnanako

The thing i am looking up to is the bombing pools at the first day we do slip and slide and we watch a move at night time.So we sit next to our mates and watch big foot the move was good and existing and on the last night we do are concert each group gose at a time and on the last day we go to the pools and we pop a menu and we have a lot of fun and we finish it off there my goal is to pay more atichen and lysine to the teacher

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  1. Hey Jermaine,

    I'm happy that you had fun at camp! I did aswell, I loved the food lol I think maybe next time it would be good if you proof read and edited your writing before you published :) Other than that I really enjoyed reading your writing, it made me miss camp again! I would love to see you post more to see what you've been getting upto during lock down! Hope all is well down your end, take care Jermaine :)

    - Miss Vili